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It started right here with my mother  father, brother and sister.

Reggie Carr AKA Reggie Rocko Family picture, mom, dad, brother sister

These were the happiest days in my life because we were all still together

So how did this High flying kid from the ghetto grow up to help so many people and accomplish so many amazing things?

Reggie Carr aka Reggie Rocko childhood neighborhood growing up with love and respect for people


Reggie Carr Beautiful mom who Took care of him and taught him everything. He knows the one person on this earth they did anything for him to succeed she is the greatest woman on earth, now in heaven, Jackie Carr

Other than God my mother is solely responsible for my well-being my livelihood my courage my knowledge my power my effort and my heart. Not only was she considerably more talented than I am she's was the most beautiful human being on this earth. I will always miss her, and I count the days for me to see her again. Thank you mother. I miss you  Jackie Carr"

The most important things to my mother wasn't all the accolades  money, riches, and notoriety that I accomplished. So I'm going to list the only things that mattered to her under my bio. If you want to read and see  bling keep scrolling down to the white.

Reggie Rocko hosting his radio show IMA UNITER

1. Graduated high school

2. Graduated Business school

3. Play five different instruments

4. Honor band

5. Honor choir

6. Great son

7. Great brother.

8. Great athlete

9. Believe in God

10 Nice

11. Caring

12 courteous

13. Thankful

14. Appreciative

15. Fearless

16 leader

17 highly intelligent

18. Protector

19 loyal





1. Never did or tried any drugs ever

2. No misdemeanors

3. No felonies 

4. No DUI

5. Don't smoke no cigarettes no cigars ever

6. Never been married

7. Never been divorced

8. No kids

9.Not gay

10. Loves His Mother, Sister and Brother


But most of all Would do anything for his mother

True Stories

The Legend "Bill Lowery"

Were it all started in Atlanta for me. My first Major Publishing Deal was with the Lowery Music Group "Bill Lowery" This man was a great musical genius and a even greater soul. He's inducted into the Georgia Music Hall Of Fame, has a scholarship in his honor, and a street named after him. He was a great man and I loved him dearly. Mr Lowery thought my music was great and my personality even better so he signed me, thats how I got my first track placed with LaFace Records. The Lowery Music Group is also where I first met "Catherine Brewton" when she was first starting out. Yes Bill Lowery helped her to! Bill did so much for me, he taught me a lot, he gave me credibility, he treated me like I was somebody, and most of all he believed in me. I will always be grateful to and for this man thank you again Mr. "Bill Lowery" I know you're in heaven living a greater eternal life.


Reggie Rocko

Legends "LA & Babyface"

Yes these two producers and owners of LaFace Records are partially responsible for me landing my first track placement with their Major Record label. As stated above Mr. Bill Lowery had a deal with LA & Babyface and helped them find talent and songs. I happened to be one of those talents. LA & Babyface are two of the greatest producers of all time and I will always be big fans and appreciative to the chances they gave me. "LaFace Records" put Atlanta on the map for R&B AND RAP. THEY MADE ALOT OF BLACK MILLIONAIRES POSSIBLE. 




Legend Cathrine Brewton

Yes I met the great "Catherine Brewton" one day I was in the Lowery Music Group doing some paperwork on my deal and she walked in the door with Joel Katz. She was very nice, very young, ambitious and of course gorgeous. We became good friends. Catherine blew up! She went straight to the top! VP of BMI in the south Wow! I couldn't have been happier for her. Catherine helped me with several of projects. She also assisted me in a major sponsorship with the N.A.B.O.B Convention overseas in St. Maarten's. I love and respect her and I'm totally grateful. One of the best times I had in my life was when I flew Cathrine down to Denver with her nephew for a ski summit/ Business trip. Thanks again Catherine FOR EVERYTHING...


Reggie Rocko

Legend Kawan Prather "Kp"

KP another legend and another person responsible for helping me on my musical Journey. I met KP when he was a assistant A&R at LaFace Records.You could tell he was going to be something big he was already running things in a whole bunch of ways! Ha ha LOL. I remember the first time "Kp" called my house and asked to speak to Reggie Rocko. He said yeah I just listened to one of the tracks you turned in and I liked it a lot. I had never met him before.  Kp told me and I quote "We're going to do something with this maaan". My eyes were wide open in a big way because this would mean my third track placement and check from LaFace Records. KP blew up picking all the hits producing and writing with all the superstar artists with LaFace then he went on to be VP and President of other Record Labels. You want to talk about a nice guy talented, humble, treat you with respect, honesty, and more. Thats what I know about the legend Kp.Thanks my brother. I owe you.

Reggie Rocko

Legend Dallas Austin

Dallas Austin another legend a beast producer and a trend setter!  Despite what you may think Dallas Austin is quite shy laid-back and super cool. I remember when Dallas Austin use to come out to my car and listen to my tracks I wanted to get placed through his organization. I'm like are you serious? I got a little, little bit of clout but there's no way  Dallas Austin should be coming outside sitting in my car listening to my tracks! What an honor that was!! Long story short I eventually placed a track with his publishing company Bean Tribe. I still have a copy of the check with his signature framed today. Thanks my brother I owe you.

Reggie Rocko

Legend Jermaine Dupri

Jermaine Dupree. Jermaine, Jermaine, Jermaine, another legend in this entertainment business. I used to have meetings at So So Def when the whole record company was in a little house and I was in the basement bedroom Lil John used as the A&R office. Of course So So Def exploded with the production, writing an artist they had on their label, and soon moved to a mega facility. I would meet Skeeter Rock and he'd listen to my tracks. Little John was producing more now..So So Def's lawyer Phil Hansen Actually set up my first publishing Company and Leotis Clybourn was in charge of the publishing department for So So Def. I remember the billboard on the Atlanta Highway 'Home of So-So Def'. Iconic. Jermaine hooked me up with a writer named Katrina Willis,& Rob Write and we wrote a song and placed it with Dallas Austin. So thank you Jermaine and staff. I owe you.

Reggie Rocko

Legend Brandy Norwood

I met Brandy while I was in California at the taping of the Sinbad comedy show. I was in the audience and doing commercial break the MC job is to entertain the crowd until the breaks are over because this is live T.V. Ray J was on the show. The MC asked is there anybody in the audience that can sing and some young black girl said I can and he brought her the mic.Oh my goodness she started blowin! I said who is that!? I got to meet her! And I did right then and there. She was so beautiful, so polite, so nice,we hit it off right away.She said that she was signed to Eastwest Records working on her Album. We exchanged numbers and kept in touch we called each other frequently. I left California and went back to Denver then moved to Atlanta. Brandy and I got out of touch she was a big star and very, very busy but what a great person. We hooked up again in Atlanta some time later. I was doing well producing but I didn't know Brandy was in town to do a show and perform her hit single "I wanna be down". My friend Kass Flo told me the place was sold out! I said great! We got to go see her. Kass said good luck! I know you said you know her but there's no way we're getting in that place. I said get dressed. "Watch This" Brandy Is my good friend. We get down to the club it's packed line around the building. I walked up to the very front of the line, to the front door and asked to speak to Brandy. I said tell her Reg & Rob from Denver is here.We heard her say Reg and Rob is here? Excitedly! Then said let them in right away. We hung backstage in the VIP room with her and Usher until it was time for her to perform and then I hung with miss Norwood "Brandy's Mom". Then something magical and great happened Ms. Norwood told me she wanted us to go on stage and perform with Brandy! She called Brandy off the stage before her finally song and said bring Reg n Rob to the stage Brandy said cool yes! and she told the crowd I want to introduce to you guys my friends Reg n Rob! She handed me the Mic and I gave it to Kass, So myself Rob and Kass raced out to the floor to hype the whole club up for her! Then she performed her hit single I want to be down!! Of course she turned the house out! True story. Brandy will always be my favorite R&B singer and favorite person in this business. Thank you Brandy I love you and I owe you

Friends always

 Reggie Rocko -N- Rob Write

Legend "Tameka Scott" of  Xscape

I met Tameka Scott when she came over my house to record in my studio. What a beautiful woman, what a beautiful voice,  my god I was in presence of greatness. We worked on several tracks together. What a talent! I recently just talked to her we are planning on getting back into the studio creating some magic. So look out. Thanks Tameka I owe you.

Reggie Rocko

Legend "Tabby" of Kutt Close

Tabby what a sexy talented lady. She use to come by my apartment in my pre-production studio and write and create all day and all night. What a star. Tabby was not one of those artists that lived like an artist a few hours a day, she is a artist 24/7. I never seen her normal. She was always dressed to impress drop dead gorgeous and swagged. And boy was she talented. I remember my girlfriend at the time said oh no you can't have that beautiful woman around you all day and all night! Work or not! Believe me I understood, but I kicked her to the curb because business comes first. Tabby was real seductive but that came from her music how she's sings and what she writes she lived it! That's why she's one of the greats! A legend. Hey tabby I still remember those hits we wrote we need to go ahead and put them out you know give them to the next generation. Remember "let's get it on" and the other one was "I want you more". You still have copies in your vault? I'm a get at you. lets hook up! I love you, and I owe you Friends always, thanks

Reggie Rocko

Tony Smalls

Mr. Tony smalls Andre 3000 business manager as well as several other people. Great mind good guy and a good business mentor, and yes he's got me paid on some of his projects as well! We're getting ready to work together on another one coming up real soon. Yes this is the man..

 Thanks man I owe you.

Reggie Rocko

Egypt "The Entertainer"

This woman is incredible! Body, face, mind, and spirit. Just a superb woman. Ha ha and yes curvy, curvy,curvy! We worked together on several things she's definitely her own woman very bright and a legend. She from Florida and her real name is Chantel Swift. And I love her to death.. I owe you.

Reggie Rocko

Johnnie Cabell

 Johnny Cabell CEO of Hitt Afta Hitt. We worked on a few projects I got him paid several times he got me paid a lot of times! Johnny big time booking agent and manager he's Responsible for the success of Crime Mob, D4L, Shawty lo and Fabo solo carriers. He and I owned mansions two houses down from each other so we were pretty close literally. Johnny has helped me get paid with Universal Records and on several production projects.He introduced me to several major stars and celebrities He's always been a good guy to me I respect him and appreciate all the money we made in business together and our friendship. Thanks, I owe you


Reggie Rocko

Mika Means

Mika Means is a great talent a serious Writer, Artist and Actress. She works with Motown Sylvia Rhone. We worked together on several tracks in my studio and with one of my producer "Tygah" and a couple tracks I did she's a great talent.Not to mention beautiful. lets hook up again soon and make these hits!

Love you, Friends always

Reggie Rocko

Fabo of D4L

Worked with Fabo on a project he's a super talented hit maker and a trend setter BELIVE THAT!  HOW HE WORKS IN THE STUDIO IS SOMETHING TO SEE! GENIUS.. thanks for the love big dawg

Reggie Rocko

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Reggie Carr aka Reggie Rocko entertainment Industry accomplishments
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                               Reggie Rocko Carr

               CEO/Producer/Writer/ Entertainment Mogul


Reggie Rocko Carr is an extremely talented producer, writer, publisher and business consultant.Reggie's projects include working with various major artists and producers worldwide. He is very skilled in management, composing, and studio recording.He loves to create, produce and write musical compositions. He is an expert in marketing and promotions. Reggie is currently writing and developing reality T.V. show scripts and producing movie trailers.


Reggie has produced and worked on a variety of projects with major and independent artist and labels such as La Face Records, Lowery Music Group, Universal Records, Motown Records, Sony Records, So So Def, Hit Afta Hit, Brandy, Joel Katz, Rick Rubin, Nina Easton,Catherine Brewton, Kwan Prather, Vernon Bullock, Al Bell, Tony Mercedes, Divine Stephens, Fabo, Crime Mobb, Tabby of Kutt Close, Tamika Scott of Xscape, Nina Easton, Rob Write, Kassflo, Dallas Austin, divine stevens, Jazze Pha, skeeter Rock, Leotis Cliborn, Katrina Wills, juvenile, Block,Denver Broncos, E.A. Sports, Major League Baseball and the NFL. Jingles include: Jarritos, ("Drink What You Like”) and TJs Pizza (“Try TJs Pizza”) doorDash. Songs: Salute To Daddy Bruce and a song written for Ocean Journey. Open door youth gang alternatives, 1800, Pace warehouse, T.V. Shows: N.Y Undercover,  Tyler Perry among others. Reggie also owns his own radio show IMA TRUMPSTER, and IMA UNITER he created a clothing brand and had President Trump endorse it he's met President Trump and been interviewed on every major national station he also owns a 45 foot bus with himself and colleague Johnny Thomas Image on the side of the bus with President Trump.

Reggie has been a V. I. P. guest at the Grammy Awards, a sponsor for the Billboard Music Awards in Atlanta and in Miami. A sponsor of the N.A.B.O.B events in Saint Martin. He is a role model for Open Door Youth Gang Alternatives and has been a Big Brother for the United Way. Reggie has helped thousands of people thru his charity

Reggie has appeared on several "National News Shows"  ABC, CBS, FOX 31. BET, MTV, WB 36, KWGN. Not to mention several National newspaper articles and websites

my mission the nonprofit Reggie car started in honor of his mother, Jackie Carr that feeds 3000 people a month before Covid

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